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"Save As" Default Location

In 2016, when you click "Save As..." it would take you to your scene folder, and you could save your file. Now in 2017 when you click Save As this takes you to whatever folder you were last in. This is useless.

Please revert back to Save As location sending you directly to the scene folder you set in your project window.

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    timdan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • timdan commented  · 

        @zewt, I hear what you're saying, but there's the problem: You save a scene (let's say to your scenes folder), then you go import an asset into that scene. When you go to "Save As" the folder it defaults to is the Asset folder you just imported something from! This, indeed, does not make any sense what-so-ever.

      • sUbA6rPu commented  · 

        Hi, I am usually juggling around 4-5 projects in maya 2017. One thing that drives me to Drink and I don't drink is constantly puting in the file path locations for every time I render every time I save and every time I look for textures. This is sooooo annoying. In C4d every Scene file I creates and saves the location of each of these places inside the scene file. So I can open a project from last year and try to load a texture and it wil look at the last place I was searching for textures a year ago. When I go to render it saves the render path from a year ago and so on. We have a pretty big network with lots of projects. This would save me ample about of time. I am aware of shortcuts and aware of how "projects" work. Projects adds way to many folders for my workflow. (I posted this in another Autodesk forum but heard I should post here as well)



      • commented  · 

        Definitely needs a rework, had several scenes gone "missing" due to this.
        Every time a artist has to version up now its several extra steps.

      • zewt commented  · 

        This doesn't make sense. Save As (and Open) should always go back to the last place you were in, so if you're opening or saving multiple times you don't have to navigate back to where you're working every time. It's not "useless", it's the standard behavior that every applications has and it's extremely useful.

        If you want to go to the scene directory, , just click "Scenes" in the project bar. If you're saving in that directory repeatedly, then you'll end up there, simply because it's the last place you saved.

        (That said, if you open a scene, open and save as should default to the directory containing the file you opened, which doesn't always happen.)

      • Mike_Rochefort commented  · 

        I'm supporting (not sure if it's fixed in 2018), but shouldn't this be in the SAT list?

      • laurasko commented  · 

        Oh my goodness, yes. We have constantly been having to hunt down scene files in asset folders, because if people reference in new assets into their scenes and then go to version up their scene files, they get saved in the asset file folder, rather than just staying within the folder where the existing scene currently lives. Madness.

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