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Maya software update of version 2019

Dear Autodesk co,
Hello, I am a long - term Maya teaching university teacher, and also a loyal user of the software. I would like to talk about my views on the future direction of Maya software.
First, as far as the operation is concerned, the annual update has become a habit since the acquisition of Maya. Every time the content is much more, the more important thing is that the way of operation has changed. In particular, after the 2014 version, compared with the current version 2018, it feels like two completely different software. In my view, software architecture must be user oriented, and the more concise the operation is, the better. It can be said that simplicity is the original intention of software design. But until now, Maya has developed dozens of kinds of hot box operations, which makes it difficult for users to get used to it. I don't know whether the future version will continue to be complicated in the operation. Secondly, as far as module integration is concerned, the current modules of Maya are already many, 5. It can be said that each module can be a single software. In the 2017 version, not only do not delete some of the original tools, but also add a number of new tools. I think the idea of this design will only make Maya the most complex and huge software in the world, not the best. I hope you can have a look at the update of PS. Its update has been consistent until the CS6 version is consistent with the original version, allowing users to quickly accept it, and Maya adds a lot of content every year, which has been unable to adapt to the old users, let alone new users. Thirdly, for node control and Mel aspect, for example, the setting of skeletal controller, just setting up a controller requires set driven key, connection editor, hypergraph connection and many other operation panels, which is very complicated. The various panels of the panel operate in different ways, and I do not know whether the future updates will be more complex on the basis of the original. In terms of Mel language, this function is useless for users who don't know Mel, but now Python is added, making Maya more complex in user programming. Finally, as far as the software volume is concerned. From 2016 to 2017 to 2018, the volume is 3.82G, 2.61G, and 2.64G.the largest of which 2016. I think the size of the software capacity can respond to one problem, that is, the degree of software optimization. I don't know whether the 2019 version will be more space.
Summary measure of whether a software standard of excellence is not it more complex operation more difficult to adapt to the more complex, but whether it can be easy to understand and master, whether at a faster way to achieve the desired effect. I hope that when you design software in the future, you will be able to adopt the idea of Jobs's iPhone design, that is, make it easy.

Yours faithfully
A user

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      • BABUlDpq commented  · 

        I love to see MUDBOX painting tools in MAYA just like sculpt tools .

      • stigla commented  · 

        The every year update is fact of life. It's a fast pace industry and there is no way around it.
        My suggestion would be not to change and shift menus all the time, but only add them for new features.
        Not deleting the old features is important, so this is not a bad thing.
        I also agree that some things need to be less complex to do, but I do see improvements in a workflow, so keep that up. Workflow is certainly most important aspect of the software.
        More troublesome is the rendering part and every version changing the renderer.
        This is actually more the industry problem then just particular Maya, but I see it's slowly getting there. Same renderer works same in different packages.
        But there was always an issue of many aspect of maya had to be rendered in different renderers all together, and this is still the case for some features.
        I disagree with policy of not having at least one full render license for Arnold, that is really bad decision.
        Learning mel is not difficult and is very useful and time saving. Same with python, which is more complex because of syntax.
        Volume is also must when expanding the software, but that's why you can switch off the plugins and have less stuff in memory if you don't use it. On the other hand some easier plugin manager would be better. It needs easy search and plugin names are not explanatory enough, they need to have full explanation what they are with help button next to information button or at least sentence about it.
        I would also advise people to learn Houdini, but only if they are just starting. Main reason is simple, while subscription is good solution for some, you still need to keep versions of old software for some projects which return, also if you build in-house workflow which will not be upgraded for considerable time. Sometimes if some features are full of bugs and you need old version where you know that function works, which is true for surface modelling for example.
        This is cutting edge industry and demands us to learn new things all the time and very often through away some knowledge and learn things from the scratch.
        Byte the bullet and learn new version. You will not forget the old one.
        The industry has changed and one package in not enough anymore.
        Most of the users need to know Nuke, Zbrush and other packages which are part of the workflow in even smallest studios...
        I'm using maya since version 1, and was using TDI Explore before that...
        I still miss the face package which had the best polygon cleaning tools.

      • x0PHwD5r commented  · 

        You can't compare something like an iPhone -- which must meet the needs of every possible user type, from children to 90 year old people -- to a highly specified tool designed to support expert users. Of course it's important to always work to minimize unnecessary complexity while maximizing features, but what's considered "unnecessary" for iPhone users will often be "mandatory" for Maya users.

        I also don't understand people who say Autodesk is only moving buttons around with each release. I'm able to accomplish far more, and I can do it much faster, than I could 5 years ago. I mean, improvements to the UV workflow alone are worth the price of admission (I can finally now do UVs directly in Maya instead of needing to do them in another program, for example, because the UV tools have improved enough to finally make them useful).

      • rayonfx commented  · 

        Autodesk killed XSI and now try to put XSI things in Maya to please XSI guys. Too many changes for nothing sometime. I think there is just a vision missing for the future Maya. But Autodesk don't do random things. Just curious to know the roadmap.

      • hoganburrows commented  · 

        Your getting old and out of date mate, why not continue with 2014

      • 7Cf3tefv commented  · 

        if you want to magically click one button and do what you want, go to sleep and dream. Otherwise in real life, if you were able to do that, you would have very limited possibilities of doing something. Just like in iphone. beautiful interface and very limited, easy but sh*t

      • 7Cf3tefv commented  · 

        easy means less control and less control means useless. just like an iphone :)

      • mezze commented  · 

        I'm using maya since 2004, and in Alias training center we adopted ILM's custom hotbox, and learn how to set more tools.

        Basic usage is to press biggest key on keyboard and pick the tool.
        So in every iteration of maya, I spend an hour to adjust it and to make my life less difficult, and to search for new options.

        It is not that hard

      • PqJNgf18 commented  · 

        Down Vote for me too.
        i am using maya since version 4.5 and i have to say they are not changing maya at all and that is why the created the subscription system both adobe and autodesk will regret this soon, giving the same old feature to people and expect us to pay while other softwares like nuke-blender- houdini are working hard giving people the best technology , its almost 3 years that i stoped recommending maya to my students and friends. all they do is changing the location of buttons and shelves and releasing a new version. if you want a non-complex software you can work with microsoft 3d-paint , but for me i want Maya to be as advance and complete as Houdini.

      • Tyros_uk commented  · 

        I agree with Arda...

        I do use Maya since version 5 and for me....still the same........
        just because they changed where should I press few buttons, does not mean that Maya is a completely different software. Are just buttons!
        All upgrades are valid and amazing updates!!
        Autodesk just has to take care during updates and new implementations to not have bad side effects. That is makes something that had always worked stop work.
        Looking forward for future releases,..... new implementations!! Maybe some distributed simulation(farm simulation) like Houdini and Realflow. Maya is behind in that aspect!

      • Arda commented  · 

        I wish there was a way to downvote an idea. I pay a Maya maintenance fee every year for improvements to existing features as well as new, more advanced features. Although I don't like Autodesk for their greedy approach and I am slowly replacing Maya with other tools because of that, as far as features go, they have been doing a great job adding new features to Maya. Just because improvements to existing features and the introduction of new features make it difficult for you to teach Maya, it doesn't make any sense to limit product features or to split it into 5 different products. Just don't teach the more advanced features if it's difficult for you. Don't user Python if you don't want to (I don't; I prefer the MEL and C++ APIs, but that doesn't give me the right to ask Autodesk to remove Python support, as there are lots of other users who prefer it). If you want a simple/basic toy 3D package, maybe Maya is not the right tool for you. I would happily use 3 votes to downvote this idea if it were possible.

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